Hi there!
My name is Marius Pop and I’m a freelance photographer based in Warwickshire, UK.

I like taking pictures in the portraits area, events, fashion, wedding etc, but no matter the field, I enjoy experimenting.
Now, I won’t say much about the pictures that i take, because i would like you to take a look at them, and hopefully become a carrier of the message encrypted in those images.

When I first started I bought a Canon T80 film camera (2004), and then after a long no photo period I switched to digital image. So now I’m using a Nikon camera with different lenses. But, if requested, I can blow the dust form the T80 in order to get the right picture.

If you have some questions, if you like my work and you think that we can collaborate in a photo project write a message in the contact section.

Thanks for passing by,


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